Flywheel Rebuilding

TR Reiser and T-Man Performance are known for providing the finest machining services in the business. TR is introducing these exciting new services that make his shop a one-stop shop for all your hi-performance V-Twin engine needs.  T-Man Performance takes all of the guess work out of high performance by using their hi-performance parts and custom machine and assembly services.  No more piecing together expensive parts only to find out the performance you expected simply is not there.  TR takes the guess work out and only provides proven performance for both street and racing applications.

The Precision Flywheel Service Includes the Following:

  • Rod bearings
  • H-Beam rods
  • Crankpin
  • Thrust washers
  • Taper plugs
  • Check sprocket shaft and pinion shaft for straightness before disassembly
  • Disassemble and clean
  • Machine flywheels for H-Beam rod clearance
  • Machine for lightening of flywheels
  • Install new crank pin
  • Balance flywheels
  • Re-clean, assemble and true
  • Install crank pin, press fit plugs and weld