T-Man’s Pro Lightened Flywheel Assembly






1. Install Key Slots

Install key slots in right wheel to equalize the weight between the left and right flywheel halves. This process was developed to keep one wheel from fighting with the other in the balancing process.


2. Pork Chopping

Lightening the flywheel halves. Notice the area around the crank pin is left in tact for stability at high RPMs.


3. Lighten Counterweights

Counterweights are lightened by .150 to .250. The amount is determined by the stroke & weight of the pistons.

Flywheel-reciprocating rods-DSC0074

4. Balance

Special attention is paid to the rod reciprocating ends to insure balance rod-to-rod.


5. Assembly Prep

Parts are cleaned. The crank pin is radiused by hand to insure smooth installation into the flywheel half without scoring the flywheel bore.


6. Welding

After final assembly and pro-plugs are installed, the flywheel is ready for welding. T-Man’s Precision Welding Process secures the crank. Our process also allows for the efficient removal of the welds to protect the integrity of the flywheel for future builds.


Finished Flywheel

T-Man’s Custom Crank Shafts are available in 4-1/2 and 4-5/8 stroke.

T-Man’s Pro Lightened Flywheel Assembly Complete

Lightening Process can be performed on any existing Jim’s or Screaming Eagle Flywheel.

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