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117″ Piston Kit – Flat Top

T-Man Performance offers a complete line of performance pistons. All of our pistons have the latest and most up to date technology used in the High Performance Industry while working with Wiseco over the last 2 years on ring design, piston shape and skirt profile we have developed a piston shape that is 2nd to none. It keeps the piston rock down immensely compared to other manufactured designs. This will keep the piston from thrusting hard on the cylinder wall and reduce ring blow by at TDC and BDC when the piston changes direction. All pistons feature Wiseco signature black coating called ArmorX. This adds superior protection in extreme conditions and will reduce wear on the piston crown, ring lands, ring groove and wrist pin bores. All of our pistons come with STD with tool steel wrist pins; this adds superior strength while allowing us to run multiple wall thicknesses to keep larger displacement pistons lighter. We have also worked to enhance our ring quality. With all the new style cylinders on the market and different materials being used we have elected to move to a larger oil ring width to control oil. Our compression rings consist of a higher quality material that is compatible with cylinders being used by all manufactures. Our pistons come with the ArmorFit silk screened coating on each piston skirt at 30 micron. This material will adjust itself to the cylinder wall to minimize piston noise.

Due to the skirt coating, measuring the piston skirt for final fitment is not suggested. All pistons are supplied with a finish bore size. For more on cylinder sizing check out our Facebook Page or, contact us at 336-993-7068.

*Please note piston may not drop through cylinder and may feel tight if trying to push into cylinder*

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$ 450.00
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117″ Piston Kit – Flat Top ¬†

 Engine Size Chamber Design Kit Number Finished Bore Size Dome Volume Complete Piston Set Weight Available Oversizes Recommended Finish Grit Deck Height
117″ Flat Top K2786(M8) 4.125″ -4.2cc 1164.5g STD Only 320 STD