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1200 Sportster Cylinder/Piston Kits

T-Man Performance offers complete Cylinder and Piston combinations. Each kit comes with a T-Man custom designed piston to ensure proper fit and stability within the bore. Pistons are equipped with the correct ring tension to ensure proper leak-down and keep running temperatures lower. Included in the price of all cylinder kits, the rings are fitted and cylinders are chamfered making the installation of the piston rings easier and to prevent damage. Gasket kits are included in the price. Cylinder/piston packages require your cylinders to be sent to T-Man Performance (excludes Nikasil). Your cylinders must be in good condition, allowing them to be bored and honed.

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$ 650.00
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T-Man 1200 Sportster Cylinder/Piston Kits

T-Man first bores and hones your existing 1200cc cylinders to a 3.510″ and precision matches the pistons to these cylinders. These kits are supplied with pistons with a +22cc 30º Dome profile. This kit does require chamber modifications. (Additional charge if machining 883 cylinders to 1200)