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124/128 T-Man Custom Cylinders Kit

Introducing the T-Man custom lined cylinders. We consider these to be the finest M8 cylinders on the market.

Starting with your own M8 cylinders, they are installed on a custom bore plate to ensure the proper alignment off the cylinders’ dial pins. That locates them on your crank cases. This is to ensure the proper center line for our over sized liner. Your stock cast iron liner is bored out and the top of the cylinder is machined and indexed to accept our custom liner. Our liners are made from 110,000 PSI ductile iron, same material we have used successfully in our race program for years. One important feature of our liners is the length. We have made our liners .300 thousandths longer than others you will find being used on the market. This is to support the piston at the bottom of its stroke. This feature keeps the piston from rocking at BDC and creating a heavier side load on the piston skirt. This extended length will help maintain a better ring seal when the piston starts its upward motion.

This kit is supplied with a fully coated piston with tool steel wrist pins and features a set of top of the line American made Total Seal rings. These pistons also come standard with a gas ported top ring groove to ensure a better ring seal at TDC when using a boosted motor, or a higher compression, normally aspirated engine. Head and base gaskets are supplied. This kit will take a 107″ with a 4.375″ stroke to a 124″ and a 114″/117″ with a 4.500″ stroke to a 128″. For any questions, regarding this product, you can contact T-Man at 336-993-7068.

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$ 1,695.00
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