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124 Cylinder and Piston Kit for 120R Upgrade

T-Man Performance offers a cylinder upgrade for your existing 120R/120ST motors. This upgrade consists of our custom Wiseco pistons with a 4.125 bore, which increases your existing bore by .060, making your 120R motor a 124″.

NC State Sales Tax will be applied.

$ 887.00
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T-Man 124 Cylinder and Piston Kits for 120R Upgrade

This upgrade includes the use of a stock cylinder that is finished bored and honed by T-Man Performance to our specifications to match our custom pistons.  Case boring is not required. These kits are supplied with pistons with a +4cc Dome profile to work with a 120R/120ST Twin Cam combustion chamber. This combination will yield a 10.8 compression on a stock cylinder head.