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M8 124/128 Pro Series Kit with T-Man Custom Cylinders

These kits feature our 4.250 bore cylinder kits with our custom liners, made from 110 PSI ductile iron. These are made longer to support the position at the bottom of the stroke. Also supplied is our fully coated Wiseco pistons with 3mm oil ring and gas ported for extra seal on the top ring. The head has our proprietary C&C port work with over sized intake and exhaust valves. Exhaust seats are removed and re-machined for oversize seats to ensure stability and no leaking between seat and head. This kit will take a 107″ with a 4.375″ stroke to a 124″ and a 114″/117″ with a 4.500″ stroke to a 128″. With this, you will also have your choice of T-Man cam, which will be determined by the power and torque desired and, more importantly, your riding style.

If this is something you may be interested in, you can contact either T.R. or Brandon for any questions you have. We recommend you view our videos on our cylinder liners, and our external breather kit. Also, be sure to take a look at our Oil Tank Vent Line Kit (a must have on all big bore motors).

NC State Sales Tax will be applied.

$ 3,797.48 
Please contact us to order.