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M8 124 Pro Series Kit

This kit features our fully CNC-ported Pro Series Head. This kit comes in two versions – 120-cubic inch and 124-cubic inch kit. The final motor size is determined by the existing stroke on your factory bike. These kits produce 130 – 145 HP depending on your choice of cam and compression ratio.

Please NOTE:
At T-Man Performance, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with performance kits that are known world-wide as a leader in proven dependability. We strongly suggest our customers research a professional tuner in your area.

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$ 2,811.67 
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M8: 124 Pro Series Kit

This kit is used for all 2017/2018 114/117 motors supplied by the factory. These motors were shipped with a 4.500 stoke. The 114s were supplied with the 3.937 bore. The new 2018 117s are shipped with the same stroke but have already had the 4.070 bore installed. The 114/117 are already supplied with the Screaming Eagle™ cylinder – these kits will not require the purchase of a different cylinder to increase the cubic inch to 124. Your existing cylinders can be supplied for boring.

These kits are capable of 135-145HP and torque depending on the combination you choose for your riding style and needs.

These kits feature a custom piston kit by TMP from Wiseco and your choice of T-Man cam shaft.

Click the Kit Details tab for a complete description of parts and labor. For more details on the best fit for your riding style – call T-Man Performance.

* When NOT using T-Man Performance pistons the builder is responsible for checking all valve to piston clearances.