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M8-226 2PS

This is our first choice in Milwaukee 8 cams that is not designed for bolt-in-use. We recommend this cam be run between 11.0-11.3:1 compression on pump gas. This cam has been used with success in our 120”-127” builds with HP and TQ in the 135+ with the right combination. What makes this cam so popular is the torque curve where we have seen torque over 100 ft lbs at 2000 RPM and carry over 130 until it crosses at 5250 RPM. This is a very popular replacement cam for the Harley 515 that is used in their stage 4 kits. This is a perfect upgrade for the dresser crowd riding 2-up and looking for good power and torque in a touring motor.

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$ 295.00
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The Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle head design is making cam design completely different. When looking at cam specs you cannot compare traditional cams to these new M8’s – valve size, port size, exhaust port length, port location on the head and combustion chamber shape will all effect the cam design.

At T-Man Performance, we take pride in helping our customers select the proper cam for their build. Your cam choice is critical for a successful build. We recommend that you contact us for professional advise concerning your selection.

Some of the things that can impact your current or future build are compression ratio, riding style and the location where you live. One of the most overlooked questions regarding cam choice is – the elevation where you do most of your riding. A cam choice will vary due to altitude and compression ratios should be considered because of this variation.

Please be sure to consult a professional before making your choice.


Open Close Lift Duration Centerline TDC LSA Overlap
Intake 13 33 520 226 100 105.5 23
Exhaust 52 10 520 242 111