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M8 Pro Series Finish Kit – FKM8PS

The T-Man Race Series finish kit is the Premier addition to you T-Man motor. This kit comes with all of the upgrades from the Street Series kit, as well as the top of the line throttle body and air cleaner. We will supply you with the HPI 62mm Billet throttle body with high flow injectors and our T-Man Zero Loss Air Cleaner (exchange core is required). Our air cleaner is the Premier air cleaner on the market and will be the last air cleaner you will ever need to buy. This throttle body and air cleaner, paired with the race lifters, T-Man Pushrods, Race Series oil pump/cam plate and the rest of the upgrades in this kit, are the final additions to your performance build. These are all of the products used on our High Output 124” and 128” builds that produce well over 140 HP on street motors.
When purchased separately these parts would cost over $255.00 more than the price of the kit.

NC State Sales Tax will be applied.

$ 3,195.00
Please contact us to order.