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M8 Pro Street Touring Head

This product is a great choice for your new Milwaukee-Eight™ motor. It has proven time and time again to produce over 135 horsepower and torque for customers across the country. What makes this head unique from others on the market is we can produce these numbers while running a lower compression ration which in turn means a lower cranking pressure, 15-20 pounds, in most motors. What this means for our end user is the motors’ will run cooler when traveling in the summer months and while running at higher speeds for extended periods of time on the highway. We are able to achieve this due to our port and chamber design – we have increased our port flow while maintaining velocity while distributing it over a combustion chamber that has been unshrouded making it much more efficient. For more details on the best fit for your build – call T-Man Performance.

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$ 1,837.48
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Head Details


M8 Pro Street Touring Head

This head has a reshaped intake and exhaust port that is fully CNC ported and hand-finished. The fully CNC ported combustion chamber is also reshaped and enlarged to accept the 1mm over intake and exhaust valves. New valve guides are installed to support the custom valves with longer stem protrusion to insure the proper rocker arm to valve tip engagement – which is VERY important when using higher lift cams.  New high lift valve springs are installed to achieve desired compression.

Click the Head Details tab for a complete description of parts and labor. For more details on the best fit for your riding style – call T-Man Performance.

Head packages require your heads to be sent to T-Man Performance for work to be completed.

* When NOT using T-Man Performance pistons the builder is responsible for checking all valve to piston clearances.