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M8 120 Pro Series Kit

This kit features our fully CNC-ported Pro Series Head. This kit comes in two versions – 120-cubic inch and 124-cubic inch kit. The final motor size is determined by the existing stroke on your factory bike. These kits produce 130 – 145 HP depending on your choice of cam and compression ratio.

Please NOTE:
At T-Man Performance, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with performance kits that are known world-wide as a leader in proven dependability. We strongly suggest our customers research a professional tuner in your area.

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$ 3,202.07
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M8: 120 Pro Series Kit

This kit is used for all 2017/2018 107 motors supplied by the factory. The 107 motor was shipped with a 4.375 stroke and a 3.937 bore. With this kit, we can increase the bore size to 4.180 (right at a 1/4” of increased bore) that will increase your total cubic inch to 120. What makes this an appealing kit – there is no case modification needed. To increase your 107 to a 120 – the Screaming Eagle™ cylinder will need to be used. This cylinder does not come standard on 107 motors. The price for this kit reflects the inclusion of this cylinder.

If your 107 already has the Screaming Eagle™ upgrade then, the price of the cylinder can be deducted from this kit.

These kits are capable of 135-140HP and torque depending on the combination you choose for your riding style and needs.

These kits feature a custom piston kit by TMP from Wiseco and your choice of T-Man cam shaft.

Click the Kit Details tab for a complete description of parts and labor. For more details on the best fit for your riding style – call T-Man Performance.

* When NOT using T-Man Performance pistons the builder is responsible for checking all valve to piston clearances.