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T-Man 590 PS2 (99-06, 06 Dyna/07-Present)

This was the first cam ever designed by T-Man Performance and has been a stand by every since. This cam is often overlooked because of its 590 Lift but has been a go to cam for our 103” kits and has been used very effectively in 117” and 124” larger displacement motors. This cam will provide excellent bottom-end torque for 2-up riding while maintaining excellent performance in the higher RPMs. This is our recommendation for high performance high mileage touring motors. We recommend this cam run at a minimum of 10.2 Compression and works very effectively at 10.5-10.8 Compression. Cold cranking pressure at 10.2:1 is 191 PSI and at 10.8:1 is 206 PSI at sea level.

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$ 358.00
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T-Man Performance has been working diligently with Andrews Products on our NEW Exclusive PS design to give our customers the quickest accelerating cams on the market while maintaining the reliability of longevity for valve train components and insuring the quiet running valve train requested by the Harley crowd. The new grinds are identified by the ‘PS’ stamp on the Cams.

At T-Man Performance, we take pride in helping our customers select the proper cam for their build. Your cam choice is critical for a successful build. We recommend that you contact us for professional advise concerning your selection.

Some of the things that can impact your current or future build are compression ratio, riding style and where you live. One of the most overlooked questions regarding a cam choice is – the elevation where you do most of your riding. A cam choice will vary due to altitude and compression ratios should be considered because of this variation.

Please be sure to consult a professional before making your choice.


Open Close Lift Duration Centerline TDC LSA Overlap
Intake 23 43 590 246 100 212 105 38
Exhaust 55 15 590 250 110 165