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T-Man Racing Clutch

This clutch is designed for racing but also can be used for street applications. It comes with all the features of our other T-Man clutches and uses a fully adjustable MTC lock up head. This allows the rider to adjust the clutch to slip in the beginning of his run and gradually pull the clutch in. This will keep the bike from doing a wheel stand off the line. This clutch, when adjusted, and set-up properly, will enhance your 60 foot times. It also allows you to add weight, and control it with the 6 arms when running Turbos, Prochargers or NOS.

**This clutch is for the customer that can work on his own bike and make the adjustments that will suit his set up & riding style**

NC State Sales Tax will be applied.

$ 2,435.00 Sold as a Kit (pictured )
$ 1,925.00 Clutch & Outer Derby Cover Only
$ 2,020.00 Complete Kit with Customer Supplied Outer Cover for Machining

Please contact us to order.