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Pro-Touring Elite Head

This head was designed to provide a substantial increase in horsepower and torque for the high mileage, touring rider. It’s designed to keep the compression at a moderate level so, if during a trip higher-octane gasoline is not available the performance of the engine will not be affected.  This head is compatible with the 110 Bolt-On Kit from Harley-Davidson but is recommended for use with the T-Man Performance 95 thru 107 and can be used on larger displacement motors. This head will accept up to a 660 Lift Cam and Top Dead Center (TDC) Lifts of 215 on the Intake / 204 on the Exhaust. Valve depth can be modified to accept larger TDC lifts upon customer request. Compression ratios will vary due to piston type. Check the specifications table for details on compatibility with your existing components. For more details on the best fit for your build – call T-Man Performance.

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$ 1,260.00
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Head Details



Twin Cam Pro-Touring Elite Head (Available in Air Cooled or, Water Cooled)

Always innovating for improved performance, our most popular head is designed for the high mileage traveler. This head comes with a custom 2.000 intake and 1.610 exhaust valve with corrected rocker arm geometry. This head is offered in a 1.710, 1.760 and 1.800 inlet opening. The heads come with our “new” fully CNC ported intake and exhaust ports and fully machined chamber design to control consistency from head to head.

Due to core shift in some Harley heads there may be areas where the CNC machine does not touch.

When utilizing a cam with a lift larger than 625, we recommend Dual Valve Springs instead of the Beehive Springs supplied standard with this kit for an additional charge of $42.00.

Click the Head Details tab for a complete description of parts and labor. For more details on the best fit for your riding style – call T-Man Performance.

Head packages require your heads to be sent to T-Man Performance for work to be completed.

* When NOT using T-Man Performance pistons the builder is responsible for checking all valve to piston clearances. 


Intake Exhaust Chamber Size
Valve Sizes 2.000″ 1.610″ -.003 / 98cc
Valve Spring Installed Height 1.860″ 1.860″ -.020 / 95cc
Valve Spring Seat Pressure 178lbs 178lbs
Valve Spring Pressure @.600″ Lift 360lbs 360lbs -.040 / 92cc
Valve Spring Travel .770″ .770″
Valve Seal/Top Retainer Clearance .830″ .825″ -.060 / 89cc
Available Inlet Sizes 1.710″ 1.760″ 1.800″
Compression Release Options Manual Auto

*These heads are set up to clear a cam TDC of Intake 215 and Exhaust 204 valve to valve clearance. They can be modified on request.