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Re-Torquing Sequence on Crank Case Studs

M8 Complete Bottom End Service – Pt 4

Deck Height and Piston Rock

Proper Packaging

M8 Complete Bottom End Service – Pt 3

M8 Complete Bottom End Service – Pt 2

M8 Complete Bottom End Service – Pt 1

R&D Motorsports Transmission Upgrade

T-Man Custom M8 Head Breathers

T-Man Signature Thumper Head Update

T-Man 124″ Build Dyno Test

Tech Tip: Milwaukee-Eight® Piston Jet Oilers

T-Man External Head Oil Drains

Our Newest Team Member

New T-Man External Breather Kits

T-Man Oil Tank Vent Line Kit

High Performance Ignition PE 3 By GMS


Milwaukee-Eight™(M8) Big Bore Cylinder Kits

Milwaukee-Eight™(M8) Loose Valve Seats – Part 2

Milwaukee-Eight™(M8) Loose Valve Seats

Introducing Our New Performance Clutch Parts

Our New Custom-Made Pistons

Milwaukee-Eight™(M8) Head Progress

Running the final CNC program on our M-8 heads

T-Man Performance introducing new performance clutch parts

Introducing T-Man’s No Loss Air Cleaner

Creating a Manifold

New T-Man Billet Manifold

T-Man Performance Billet Manifold Prototype

Hand Finishing of Manifold for New B2 & Billet Heads

Update: B2 Manifold for New Grudge Motors

T-Man ProCharged Bagger Harley – Checking the Crank Runout

T-Man ProCharged Bagger Harley – Final Update

T-Man Procharged Bagger Harley – Update 3 (Dyno)

T-Man Procharged Bagger Harley – Update 2

T-Man Procharged Bagger Harley – Update

T-Man Tech Tip: HD Case Alignment

T-Man ECTA Ohio Mile New Record – Start

T-Man ECTA Ohio Mile New Record – Finish

T-Man – Sunday At The Shop

T-Man  – Our New Fully Welded Ports

T-Man – Progress On New Billet Manifold

T-Man 124″ CVO Thumper Dyno

T-Man CVO 110″ Dyno

T-Man Understanding Your Pinion & Sprocket Shaft Runout

T-Man 1250cc Sportster Street Elite Dyno

T-Man Performance 124″ Dyno

T-Man Performance on 1200cc Sportster at ECTA Ohio Mile

T-Man Valve Job Demonstration

T-Man Billet Head Exhaust Flow Test

T-Man Billett Head Intake Flow Test

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Custom M8 Head Breathers

Oil Pan Vent Kit