T-Man’s Precision Exhaust Port Welding

At T-Man Performance, we have developed a more consistent exhaust port by welding our ports rather than using larger valves and reshaping an existing port. Our Precision Port Welding process yields a stable and consistent ported head time after time; one that allows for proper air flow and port velocity.

Poor Quality

Seat Out

Notice the difference in the inconsistency of the Seat Base width – the undercutting behind the valve guide versus the rest of the bowl. This is a very important area for consistency of flow from head to head.

The three most important areas:

The Welding Process

1. Prepare Head. Cleaned and readied for grinding.

2. Prepare for welding. Heads are preheated.

3. Welding process begins.


4. Weld backside of bowl.

5. Weld short bend and cross section.

6. Heads are cooled down and readied for CNC porting.

7. During welding, porosity areas are not skipped over. We regrind the bad areas out and weld again, if required. Each job is unique.

T-Man Performance offers a wide variety of port welding for other style castings not shown in the images above.

T-Man Performance is not responsible for the replacement of castings or any additional cost. If any problematic areas are noticed before welding, T-Man Performance will contact the customer to discuss options before continuing with their order. Since our welding process has begun, we’ve had 3 heads crack beyond repair due to bad castings.

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