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We Provide Custom Horsepower Solutions for Twin Cams, 
CVO, Evolution, Sportster, 120R Upgrade, Milwaukee-Eight™, Twin Cooled and Much More.

Kits are available for EVO, Sportster, and all model Twin Cams. Upgraded head work is available for Jim’s, S&S and 120R motors. We also offer a full line of performance cam shafts for all V-Twin models, from bolt-in to our Signature Series 662 cams. If you are looking for a cam upgrade or a complete motor upgrade; T-Man Performance can provide you with the build that meets your riding style.

Shop Talk: All New M8 Cams

The Milwaukee-Eight™ motorcycle head design is making cam design completely different. When looking at cam specs you cannot compare traditional cams to these new M8’s. Check out our new line up today…

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T-Man Performance offers high performance cams, heads, cylinders, kits and dyno tuning.

All machine work is done in-house on a five axis machine center.


Custom M8 Head Breathers

Oil Pan Vent Kit